How to raise a child winner: 7 tips

Almost all the parents in our planet’s dream is that their children were successful, strong, happy, could skillfully cope with life’s difficulties and win. However, not all parents can send their children needed for a successful life skill set. Science has long been interested in the question of a connection between the success of a person and peculiarities of education in the family. Were subjected to various statistical and psychological study, which was attended by hundreds of children and young people from different families. Based on the results of these studies, consider the 7 tips that will help you instill in your child the qualities of a winner.

  1. Develop the growth mindset in a child

A very important thing in education qualities of a winner, the child informed the development of thinking growth. Too long time it was popular to attribute everything that happens in the life of human genetics, resulting in entire generations have developed static thinking. However, scientific studies have shown a very different picture of life. Genetics do not play a crucial role in the development of a child’s character, but rather focusing on the innate skills, abilities and talents, develops static thinking.

Children who from an early age assured in their exceptional abilities and talents are passive in different types of activities. At the same time, those children whose parents did not focus on inborn qualities but on their own efforts, showed more persistence and effort at the expense of what have achieved great success and overcome any difficulties. A growth mindset child instill parents – they focuses not on what he already has and on what he can do.

2. Build strong relationships

Another scientific fact – children who grow in trust and good relationships with parents, regardless of the financial situation of the family and its social status are more successful in life than those who grow up in an atmosphere of alienation, even at high levels of economic well-being.

Of particular importance to the relations with the mother. In December 2014, “Wiley Online Library” published the results of research conducted in disadvantaged areas one of the States of America, under the leadership of K. Lee. Rabi. Established a connection between maternal sensitivity and warmth in relationships with children and their subsequent outcomes in teaching, manifestation and non cognitive abilities.

Therefore, it is important to build a warm, strong relationships with children to give them the necessary sense of security, acceptance and love. Create the perfect emotional and psychological prerequisites for the development of a healthy way of development and formation of vital qualities.

3. Take care of your emotional state

You can often hear from parents that parenthood is sacrifice, the rejection of himself in favor of the child. Science has a different opinion about this. In one study, the results of which were published in the Washington Post, it was about the fact that the number of hours that parents devote to their children, did not accelerate their further development and has a positive influence on the future.

On the contrary, parents who are sacrificial instead of following in the footsteps of the kid, continue to live a full life, raising successful and happy children. The fact that a permanent stay with the child forcing the immature child’s psyche to learn from maternal and paternal anxiety, and excessive focus inhibits the development of independence.

4. Articulate your expectations

Those children whose parents have high expectations in life, ambitions and goals, and achieve success in learning and in adulthood they are active in professional activities and other areas.

In addition, the researchers found that children whose parents voiced their expectations about them, show the best results in various fields of activity than those whose parents do not have grandiose plans for the future of the child. The study was conducted by University of California at Los Angeles in 2001-2011

Of course, it is important to have a parent’s wisdom to not to cross personal boundaries and allow the child to choose the path. However, you should never remain silent about their expectations. If parents will create favorable conditions for life and development of the child, but give him unconditional acceptance, he will be motivated for greater achievements. The advantage of this approach in education is the same and that in the future, the children of ambitious parents grow up with a great zest for life, victories and achievements.

5. Start development early childhood

In 2008 it was conducted a large-scale study involving 35,000 children from Canada, England and the United States. In the study, scientists found out that children who at an early age developed mathematical abilities were more developed and able to effectively solve problems in various spheres of life and learning, than those who did not.

Japanese neuroscientists confirm the link between early development and mental abilities of the child. The first years of life is a period which laid the Foundation of all intellectual potential, so it is important not to lose time.

6. Develop social skills

In February 2015 one of the American medical journals (AJPH) published the results of the study, which was headed by Dr. Damon E. Johnson. It turned out that the early development of social skills in pre-school institutions affects the learning outcomes in the future and the success of a person in General. The study involved children from families with low socio-economic status. Most of the children from the study group, which was active in developing communication and social skills in kindergarten, already in adolescence showed the best results in training. Children with developed social skills upon entering school showed more developed recognitive abilities.

7. Believe in your child and support any initiatives

Everyone knows that people can Express themselves better in the sphere of activity that he loves most, rewarding. You need to consider the fact that people are sold best in areas where they have innate ability. But how to find it, if not to experiment? No way.

Therefore, it is important to support the child in all his experiments, for which he was taken (if it is not against the law and moral principles), that he was able by searching to find himself and his calling in life. Give him the maximum support, create favorable conditions for exploration and experimentation that your child has found what he wants to do all his life, then he will become a winner!