How to help your child in school. Tips for parents

Why do scientists say about the boundless limits of the child’s mind, when in reality it comes to studying, child is experiencing difficulties and demonstrates a lack of needed skills? The reason is that the intellect, cognitive skills, like any other, require systematic training and development. Therefore, the school and the education of children from an early age is so important for the formation of social, intellectual, self-sufficient person with a holistic perception of the world.

How parents can help the child with his studies? Experienced teachers and child psychologists recommend starting with finding the reasons that prevent the child learn successfully. This will help to choose optimal variant of the further development, the most effective method.

What is the relationship between education and upbringing of the child?

No matter how big the role of the school in the education of children, yet the biggest role in the upbringing of the new generation are the parents and teachers. Preschool development of a child begins in the family. Here the child not only acquires basic understanding about the surrounding world, acquires the first knowledge, life experience. Parents lay the habits and form the world, help to make first steps in research and training activities. And how will be constructed the schedule, defines the relationship of the child to the school.

What they should not do?

To limit the interests of the child;

to make;

to turn classes in a boring obligatory lessons.

How to help your child in school?

To organize comfortable for the baby mode of the day, which must take into account the health factors (sleep, walks, meals), training schedule (regularity, change of activities) and personal interests (socializing with peers, friends, games, Hobbies).

To pay attention to the full communication: work together to develop new types of activities, to read, to discuss various topics, books.

To develop speech. This will also help reading, word games.

To develop baby’s comprehensively, to create opportunities for the development of different types of activities.

A comfortable space for classes, where the child nothing will distract, where it is convenient to store school supplies and be creative.

Encourage independent activities to teach responsibility.

Not to forget about the moral side of education. A child normally develops only in conditions of care, attention, love, respect. The family atmosphere is an important factor influencing the educational success of children in school.

Why do we need educational courses for children?

Metamorphoses in the school curriculum has led to the fact that on the shoulders of today’s students went to enormous stresses to which they in most cases are not ready. Additional educational classes, various courses have become a need for kids and beginner students, as they help to prepare children for future study. When selecting development center, parents should ask what are the aims of the school. Attention to the schools that do:

  • comprehensive intellectual training toddlers, developing their intellectual and creative potential;
  • the development of independent learning skills (ability to work with information, diligence, ability to manage their knowledge and time);
  • expanding opportunities for self-realization by increasing the level of mental capacity;
  • the formation of motivation.
  • School arithmetic Soroban: using children’s learning and development
  • The method is aimed at intense development of intelligence. A quick mental calculation allows to achieve the synchronization of the hemispheres, improving the quality of thinking processes.

Lessons with the abacus soroban develop these cognitive skills:

  • visual, auditory, and other types of memory;
  • attention;
  • the rational intellect, logic, analytical thinking;
  • imagination, intuition, creative (imaginative) thinking.
  • With such a set of abilities, a child is much faster than his peers solves complex problems and assimilate learning material.

School mental arithmetic brings qualities, without which even very talented children can’t succeed. It is the dedication, hard work, responsibility, self-discipline.

A positive mental attitude is impossible if the child feels uncomfortable in the new environment. Playing lessons, individual approach, special, friendly atmosphere in the classroom help children experience communication, team work, helps develop confidence and communication skills.

And another very important component – the development interest of the child in learning, in knowledge. Teachers use the most effective tools of motivation: praise and encouragement for the hard work, the transformation of learning in a fun, exciting experience. To the same mental account helps children to assess their capabilities, understand that you can reach any vertex, if only to make this effort.